Friday, June 15, 2007

Super Trouper: ABBA Cover Band

I'm very proud to announce that we finally made it to put up a new cover band: an ABBA cover band!

We had this project in mind for a long time but finally we found all the ABBA's fans to complete the lineup and so... Super Trouper is coming!

We will perform live for the first time on 22nd June 2007 at OMI, Scusa Mario, Osmannoro, Sesto, Firenze, Italy.

For the moment we don't have a real web site, but we have a MySpace page:

Here's the lineup:

Alessia Alessandri - vocals

Lucia Sargenti - vocals

Alessandro Barbi - drums and backing vocals

Lorenzo Bettini (myself) - guitar

Tommaso Paba - keyboards

Pierluigi Pozzi - bass and backing vocals

Since the 22nd will be our first concert, for the moment we don't have any live recording; we plan to make one on that occasion, so stay tuned for that :-)

Hope you like ABBA fabulous music, so full of joy and melody, and hope you'll take a chance and come to our concerts ;-)