Sunday, July 13, 2008

Musicals in London (December 2007)

I've always forgotten to write this post, shame on me :-)

The Musicals in London goes on!

This time I went to London with my good friends Alessia, Tommaso and Barbara, just for 3 days (two nights). We left on November 30th very early in the morning from the Florence airport, and got to London at about 10 o'clock; so we had the time to get to the hostel (yes, in order to save money for the musicals we chose the youth hostel :-)

Since we arrived from the airport to Victoria station, we could soon see the Wicked wonderful theatre

The musical tour started in the afternoon with our beloved Mamma Mia! Although we were in the very last rows we had a nice visual, and the show is always funny, even from there :-) The evening... Avenue Q! We had quite cheap tickets for the second row! That was the second time I saw Avenue Q, but for my friends it was the first time... we laughed, laughed, laughed til we cried! This show is sooooo funny :-D

Back to the hostel room... well... not so comfortable, but we were tired anyway

The second day! For the matinee we chose the classical Phantom of the Opera! No way I could get tired of that :-) And for the evening, the grand finale. I had seen this musical on August, and I really couldn't wait to see that again: Wicked! The seat was not bad (surely better than my previous time), and the house was full! Unfortunately, Kerry Ellis (Elphaba) was probably having some problems with her voice, but she was wonderful anyway, although she did not sing at her best; Dianne Pilkington (Glinda) was very good and funny as usual. A great show! One of the best currently!

Another night at the hostel, and then on Sunday back to the airport and back to Italy.

Another magical musical tour: 4 musicals in 2 days :-)

hope to get there back soon.

Tommy, thanks for the photos :-)