Friday, October 26, 2007

Dream Theater Live, Paladozza, Bologna, 25 October 2007

On 25 October I went to see a concert of one of my favorite band: Dream Theater! I've been following this band since 1992, when, after listening to their second album Images and Words, I got really astonished by their music (I'm not talking about virtuosities and technique).

I actually lost the count of the times I saw Dream Theater in concert... probably 18 times I guess!

Whenever they come to Italy I do my best to reach the nearest place of their concert, and this time it was Bologna.

It's always a great emotion to see them live, and it's still hardly believable the way they play live!

This is the tour after their last record, Systematic Chaos. I cannot say it's one of my favorites, but I don't mind it, apart some too heavy metal songs... unfortunately they played such songs at this concert... too bad... :-)

They only played one entire song from my favorite album, Images and Words, i.e., Take the time, (they also played one short excerpt of Learning to live during the encore medley), but probably they cannot always play songs from that record.

However, it was a great concert, and it was kind of funny to see Jordan Rudess play the keyboard guitar (keytar)! Great concert, great band, great songs! :-)