Saturday, December 29, 2007

Eagles - Long Road out of Eden

Here's the brand new album by Eagles, after more than 20 years! I've always loved Eagles (and I also have an Eagles cover band: Kings of Hollywood).

Of course, after such a long time, I was kind of skeptical about this new album, by the way, it's a double CD!

Instead, right after the first listening I was really pleased with it, and still I am. I keep on listening to it with much pleasure. Don't expect anything new from it: it's still Eagles, but that's a nice thing to me, since their sound (which is one of the reasons I like them) is basically still the same.

Don Felder is not in the band anymore, and that's a pity, since I loved this guitarist: he has a very nice musical touch; don't get me wrong, I like Joe Walsh too, but I preferred Don :-)

However, the other guitarist in the band, Steuart_Smith, is very very skilled and he has a wonderful touch too.

The sound is still the same, although a little bit more modern; the record is of course played very well, and with lots of country/melody (typical of Eagles).

One of my favorite song of the first CD is probably "I don't wanna hear anymore", which is much closer to a pop ballad, than to a country song, but that's fine, since I like pop too. While, concerning the second CD I have no doubt: the title track "Long Road out of Eden" is my favorite. It's kinda strange actually, and probably not like the Eagles I used to, but it's very interesting and it hit me right from the beginning. I must admit there's one song that I really can't manage to like: "It's your world now"... but in a double cd that's OK :-)

I heard that some critics are against this record, saying "it's nothing new", but I wouldn't expect anything else, after such a long period, if a band produces a new album, that's the least you could expect from the critics, couldn't you? ;-)

Well, I've also heard that probably these songs had already been written so many years ago, and that they were now re-used for a new album... don't know whether that's true... but I like this record anyway :-)

Happy listening!