Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Musicals in London (August 2007) - Day 5

Here's the report of yesterday (14th August); my musical tour finished yesterday, since today I'm going back home.

For yesterday matinée I went at the opening of the box office of the Phantom of the Opera, to see if I could find a day ticket or any discount. Unfortunately, there was no day ticket, but they had a good price for the stalls: 30 pounds instead of 55, in row K! Since I had seen the phantom before (that was my 5th time) but never in a really good seat, I had no hesitation, and went for that ticket :-)

Ah! The phantom! it's always an emotion to see this show, and I guess I'll never get tired of that, never! Since the seat was really good, I could enjoy every minute of it. The phantom is now played by Earl Carpenter, who was great, with a very powerful voice! As for Christine, there are two alternates in this production; at this performance there was Robyn North. She's very young, but yet really good! Probably, she's not the best Christine I've ever seen, but she was very moving in singing and acting, trying to interpret the song, instead of just thinking about a perfect execution. Since this was not a recording, but a live show, I think this was for the best. Indeed, I noticed, that every one tried to think more about the interpretation, and that made the show very good.

Wendy Ferguson was playing as Carlotta, and she was very funny. Probably she missed some notes and went slightly out of tune in those high parts (the finale of Prima Donna), but she was great in the show. Also Raoul, Michael Xavier, was good, and he had a very powerful voice too. So, it was a very nice experience to enjoy the phantom once again :-)

By the way, after the show I went to the Stage Door, and got the autographs of Earl, Robyn, Michael and of Lindsey Wise (Meg) :-)

Basically, I had seen all the musicals I wanted to see, so for the evening I could pick up one of any choice. I was tempted to see The Little Shop of Horrors, but I had seen it in Italy (in Italian) and wanted to try something different.

I heard many good things about Wicked, so I though I'd give it a try. Since I had been at the box office of the phantom for the opening (10 am) when I arrived at the Wicked's theater, there already was a small queue, and could find any day tickets. Actually there were few seats (this musical seems to be a success), and only found a 15 pound seat, very far, but with a nice view of the stage.

Well, Wicked is basically an alternative version of The Wizard of Oz and it is based on the novel "Wicked" (1995) by Gregory Maguire. It is The Wizard of Oz, but viewed by the wicked witch of the west (who, as you'll see, probably was not so wicked) and it tells the story of her "career" as a which.

The story is very nice and also the show was brilliant! In particular, the two main singers Kerry Ellis (Elphaba) and Dianne Pilkington (Glinda) were absolutely wonderful! I suggest to see this musical. I bought the book to be sure I got the plot right ;-)

By the way, the witch of the west has green skin, and she goes to Emerald, a green city and there was a lot of green in the show... well, green is my favorite color, so I might be biased? ;-)

Well, this musical tour is over :-)


Anonymous said...


mi chiamo Susi e vivo in provincia di Treviso, ho letto sul tuo blog che hai visto per la quinta volta The Phantom of the Opera e volelo dirti che sei in buona compagnia perchè anch'io e mia sorella siamo a quota cinque.

L'ultima performance che abbiamo visto e quella del 23 luglio e siamo riuscite ad avere anche noi gli autografi di Michael Xavier e qualcun altro ma purtroppo non quello di Mr. Carpenter.

La cosa più triste è che sta per lasciare lo spettacolo (8 settembre) e non avrò più l'occasione di risentirlo fino a quando non scopriremo i suoi progetti futuri.

Grazie per aver condiviso le tue impressioni su questo musical che mi ha lasciato veramente qualcosa nel cuore dalla prima volta che l'ho visto.

Un saluto.


betto said...

Il Phantom ha davvero qualcosa di magico! :-)

Mi dispiace che Carpenter lasci il cast, comunque leggevo nello show program che e' vicino a raggiungere le 1000 performance (si' mille), anzi, probabilmente le ha gia' raggiunte!

Grazie a te per aver condiviso le tue!

Anonymous said...

lore, i tuoi sms quotidiani da londra mi hanno fatto tanto piacere quanto smaniare!!!! ...quasi quasi ora mi prendo un biglietto e vo viaa!!!!! (magari)


betto said...

vengo anch'io! Sono gia' in astinenza di musical! ;-)