Friday, August 10, 2007

Musicals in London (August 2007) - Day 1

I made it! I made it again! I'm back in London to see musicals, similarly as I did in 2002 :-)

I arrived yesterday (9th August) in the morning, so I had the chance to enjoy 2 musicals already!

The first one was the matinée of Mary Poppins the musical. This musical features the original songs plus some new written songs (just for the musical I guess). The original songs are lovely, while the new songs... well... they look like they're there only to fill some gaps... probably I'm saying this only because I heard them once.

However, the cast was great and also the choreography was brilliant; there were also lots of special effects (Mary actually "flights" with her umbrella also over the audience and Bert walks upside down on the stage).

I cannot say it's the best musical I've ever seen (and don't know whether I'd like to see it again), but I surely enjoyed it, and I feel like suggesting it.

For the evening... I special musical, one of my favorites... Les Miserables! This is always a fantastic show! Absolutely! That was my third time but it's always magic! Moreover, this time, there was something I really had to see, John Owen-Jones performing Jean Valjean (the main character). John played the Phantom for 4 years in the West End (I saw him in that musical too), and he's really great. He did not disappoint me in Les Miserables, his voice is really great. I must admit, though, that I was a little bit disappointed about his acting... that was not really good, but after all he was great. I'd have some critics also about some other performers: Hans Peter Janssens as Javert and Edward Baruwa as Enjolras... I think they didn't really fit their role (especially Edward: his voice was not really perfect for the role). But this is just to find something wrong in this fabulous show ;-)

Well, stay tuned for some more news ;-)

At the moment, I found a 20£ ticket for Grease, this afternoon. Now I'm trying to find a good one for Mamma Mia for tonight!


Musical Theatre Spot Blog said...

Ah, Mamma Mia is worth it - see it if you possibly can. I saw it on Broadway earlier this year - mucho fun!

I have not yet seen Mary Poppins on stage. I am told that Mary has a darker, perhaps evil edge to her...would you agree?


betto said...

I forgot to mention that i had seen Mamma Mia before and I love it!!! In fact, see the post about the second day :-)

You mean darker edge on the show? Well, I think I could agree, especially in one point of the show. :-)

By the way, you have a nice blog! I saved it in my preferences!

Anonymous said...

I was rather shocked to read that you didn't find Edward Baruwa 'FIT' for the his role in Les Mis. Well you sir are an idiot! He is not only wonderful in the role. But the best actor & Singer in the whole bloody production. I'm sick of you people putting down every black actor, Who happens to take on a role more offen played by a white actor. It is 2007!!! Enough slagging off these wonderful young men. Who have more courage & bravery than most. I have seen the show 15times! Its is a damn sight better with Mr Baruwa in it! MR S Baker Eastbourne East Sussex

Anonymous said...

Edward Baruwa voice is Amazing! What are you talking about! i totally agree with Mr S Baker! We will be telling everyone we know about the awful ill treatment Edward Baruwa has got from your hateful site! We Suggest you do the right thing and re-review the show! Or better yet remove those nasty comments about Edward Baruwa. His voice is gorgeous! Perfect for the role!!! Not at all happy with you BETTO!!!!!!Edward is great on stage a total dream! 21yrs Les Mis has been going, only to have you try in a sneaky way to bring it back into the dark ages! Can only white actors play these roles????? NO! We all say NO! Edward is doing a wonderful job with or without your support! We will be leaving a message everyday until you do the right thing! Ms R Marriott

betto said...

I've only expressed my opinion, and didn't say anything so bad about him (especially, nothing to do with he being black).

I didn't like his voice in that role, and that's my opinion, and I'm free to express it.

In particular, notice the final note: "this is just to find something wrong in this fabulous show"