Thursday, August 23, 2007

Musicals in London (August 2007) - Photos

Hi there! The musical tour is over, and I'm already missing it :-)

Here are the photos of the theaters of the musical I saw (in chronological order). Unfortunately, I can't find the one of Mamma Mia!

Mary Poppins

Les Miserables


Billy Elliot

Avenue Q

The Sound of Music

The Phantom of the Opera


What fabulous days! Hope to get back there soon :-)


Anonymous said...

che invidia!!!

betto said...

eh eh eh ;-)

R said...

In effetti anche a me manca molto il fatto che tu non sia piĆ¹ a giro per Londra.... e ora chi me li porta i souvenir londinesi???? ;)

betto said...

vabbe'... allora sono disposto a sacrificarmi e tornare a Londra... O:-)

R said...

Ma guarda che carinooooo!!!! Si sacrifica per me.... e affronta un viaggio solo per me...... E IO CI CREDO, SECONDO TE????? ;D

betto said...

ma guarda... uno si sacrifica... e non viene apprezzato... mah... ;-) ;-) ;-)

David said...

I love the music at London's underground sections. Though London underground, famous as it is, was itself unbearably stuffy and peopled most of the time, I enjoyed the music played by those underground artists, those at South Kensignton Station especially. The sensation brought by those artists was unforgettable. The murky underground alley and the dump feeling brought
by the continuous rain were often brightened and vanished thanks to their beautiful music.
I am deeply grateful for being given the opportunity to travel to this amazing country. I was amazed of a quantity of Limousine London owners.I love going to Cities and getting lost in the history of the place, I can do that everyday in London. Next time you go to London, open your eyes and look around you. It is like an another world.