Monday, February 26, 2007

Mad Mice - Live at Rex Cafe - 31 Jan 2007

Mad Mice is an acoustic cover band I play guitar in, together with my mates (also in our Deep Purple Cover Band, Purple Sucker), Jacopo Meille (voice and guitar) and Pierluigi Pozzi (bass and backing vocals). See also this previous post.

We played at Rex Cafe on 31st January 2007 and here are some links to the songs we recorded live that evening (the quality is not that good since it's a live recording with a non professional recorder):


[SND]02-Heart of Gold.mp3


[SND]04_Old Love.mp3

[SND]05_God Put a Smile Upon Your Face.mp3


[SND]07_No Expectation.mp3

[SND]08_Sunshine of Your Love.mp3

[SND]09_Behind Blue Eyes.mp3

[SND]10_Dead Flowers.mp3

[SND]11_For What It's Worth.mp3

[SND]12_Wanted Dead or Alive.mp3

[SND]13_Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay.mp3

[SND]14_Thank You.mp3

[SND]15_Honky Tonk Women.mp3

[SND]16_Babe I'm gonna leave you.mp3

[SND]17_I Saw Her Standing There.mp3

[SND]18_Eyes Without a Face.mp3

[SND]19_Horse With No Name.mp3

[SND]20_Woman From Tokyo.mp3

[SND]21_Ramble On.mp3

[SND]22_You Can't Always Get What You Want.mp3

On that evening we tried an experiment: perform Woman From Tokyo (the famous song of Deep Purple) unplugged. We actually didn't even rehearse it :-)

And here are some photos of that evening (and yes, the ropes are for real :-)

As usual, any comment is more than welcome :-)


R said...

O insalatina di riso, ma che t'avevan messo in gabbia???? :oD Avevano paura che tu scappassi o che, da persona violenta, aggressiva e con uno smodato amore per il sangue quale sei, tu assalissi qualcuno??? :oD

betto said...

qualcuno deve averglielo detto! ;-)

R said...

La tua fama di crudele e sanguinario eretico ormai ti precede..... ;oD

R said...

Allora, Ingegnere??? Quando si aggiorna questo blog? Altrimenti io dove vado a postare bischerate, scusa??? ;oD

betto said...

uh e' vero e' gia' passato un mese! :-)

Careers at Baker said...

Cool side job, a programmer turned rock star!